Sunday, March 25, 2012

All In The Family

Growing up in suburban Scarsdale, New york painter Nicole Eisenman was greeted everyday of visions of mingling busy city streets, mysterious Jewish ceremonies and domestic interiors. "The covers the walls", says Eisenman of the paintings by her great grandmother, Esther Hamerman a Polish-born folk artist who had a great number of exhibitions in New York and California before her death 35 years ago.

Eisenman says she was not inspired by her grandmothers as a young artist. How ever she "came to appreciate the brilliance" of Hamerman's densely patterned works of art. Which interweave with her memories of Eastern Europe and Trinidad with scenes of her adopted cites of New York and San Francisco. So, when Daniel Belasco, cerator at the Jewish Museum in New York, included Eisenman in a 2010 exhibition called “Shifting the Gaze: Painting and Feminism,” she did what any admiring great-granddaughter would do: “While I had his attention, I brought her up,” she says

I think this is a very nice painting showing old and new traditions. Sorry guys I am not going to be posting in the next week. I am going to be on spring break in St.Thomas and I wont have my computer with me. But I will have my phone with me and if any of you want to follow me on twitter I will be tweeting about my trip. Either follow me @AllTypeOfArt or @BloodLust60

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