Friday, February 17, 2012

Are Comics Art?

Guy Richards Smit, The New Adventures of
Grossmalerman #1, 2008
If you turn to page 26 of Gary Panter's 2004 graphic novel Jimbo in Purgatory and you'll by an arrangement of cow women in go-go boots quoting lines from Michelangelo sonnets. Instead of linear storytelling, Jimbo presents Characters reciting poetry and literature also they recited heavy metal song lyrics.

Over the last couple of years the boundary between fine art and comics have been growing increasingly thin. In 2002, original panels from ChrisWare's comic book Jimmy Corrigan The Smartest Kid on Earth a meditation on longings and isolation were featured in the Whitney Biennial. Four years later the Hammer Museum of Contemporary Art In Los Angles collaborated on a seminal exhibition of 15 groundbreaking artistscalled “Masters of American Comics.” In 2007, the Museum of Modern Art in New York opened “Comic Abstraction,” which looked at how fine artists have employed elements of comics’ visual language.

I think that art is maybe not the finest arts but i defiantly think that  it is art, because it takes a long time to create these comics the one i talked about above took over 3 years to make. So tell me what you think either in the comments or on twitter @AllTypeOfArt.

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