Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dressed Up

Yves Saint Laurent’s
evening ensemble Tribute to Vincent van Gogh, 1988
, in the Paris show, which will open in Denver next month
As more and more art museums put high fashion into there showcases there staff are finding ways for presenting, funding and connecting it to their missions. " I don't know much about fashion," Denver Art Museum director Christoph Heinrich admits. But that has not stopped him from bringing an Yves Saint Laurebt retrospective to the museum. The Show which originated  at the Musee De Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris in 2010 will open in Denver on March 25, 2012. Like many museum directors Heinrich has found himself won over by the world of fashion and design. At least in this case and willing to clear out galleries of beautiful paintings and sculptures to make room for ball gowns and cocktail dresses.“When I saw the YSL show in Paris,” he says, “I was just blown away by the colors, the textures, the simple cuts that were reduced but at the same time very elegant. When I walked through the show, it felt very much like walking into a painting.”

Is fashion art? This seems to be a question now a days I believe so but I do not absolutely do NOT think they should be clearing out beautiful paintings and sculptures for skimpy cocktail dresses. Hey but that is my opinion leave a comment below telling me yours. Or tweet me on twitter @AllTypeOfArt

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